C.K. Art & Design gives you new and sophisticated options to Renovate or to build and customize your living and working space. We provide you with all the details to help you develop a financial plan and arm you with the knowledge necessary prior to embarking the project. We also create a modern interior design for existing buildings, using various materials and incorporate art and sculpture to pre-existing spaces.


C.K. Art & Design Ltd.’s mission is to connect and intersect traditional art with modern art by incorporating 2D and 3D technology in every artwork; while sharing and creating this form of art within a multicultural concept with all the peoples within Canada. Moreover, our mission is to introduce and provide environmentally and technologically friendly home designs into Canada as a new and successful concept.



Our vision is divided into two:

Our first vision is to offer national and international artists space where their artwork can be recognized by displaying their works for everyone to view and purchase.

Our second vision is to create unique and custom modern homes that are affordable and sustainable for the clients and for the environment. Our objective for each client’s home project is to be financially affordable as well as environmentally friendly that is built on technological advances. In extension, we want to create modern interior designs for existing and new spaces, using various materials by incorporating art and sculpture. 

C.K. Art & Design